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Our Story

Enrico and partner Natalie are the inspiration behind this New York style vertical retail store, V&J Menswear in Flinders Lane Melbourne. The meaning behind the initials of this exceptional company V&J, living by one’s virtue ultimately delivers justice. They continue their passion for over 10 years in this iconic location. Bringing back the old-world charm of customer service with an understanding of gentleman’s requirements for a holistic experience when dressing for any special occasion.


All walks of life

With over 40 years combined experience in owning and managing elegant menswear retail stores, running a 35000 meal a week Airline catering business, excelling in real estate sales, proven trainer in styling and customer service management, reassures an elevated customer experience for people from all walks of life, Enrico’s experience and passion to inspire people to feel more significant at work, home and amongst their own social circles is quintessential to the concept of why V&J was founded.

Our purpose

Educating. empowering and motivating one to improve their confidence and style is one of directives to be achieved with every customer visit.

Aspiring to provide a retail experience on an unprecedented personal scale, enjoy the ambiance in an appointment only setting that sets aside V&J as a must experience Melbourne fashion location store.

As styling experts, closed events and classes are available at corporate offices and or the V&J showroom on all topics covering menswear fashion, sales and customer service, emotional intelligence, etiquette and how to put a versatile wardrobe together. As individuals we are all deserving of self-expression true to one’s beliefs and values. These classes are a must attend and offer valued advice and real-life examples on how to effectively improve one’s appearance and demeanour. Become self-aware of your own abilities to transcend any limiting beliefs and discover an improved version of self.


Fashion and style

V&J dream of creating a true destination store with choices, ambience, quality apparel and privacy, was realized when The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Channel 7, Fashion Exposed, amongst others endorsed the store.

Discover the art of personalisation and elegance and reinvigorate your style. Remain current with the latest sartorial offerings for the modern-day gentleman.

Within a collaborative process an expert consultant will accompany you through the entire styling/shopping experience. Meticulous attention to detail ensures your experience, curated to offer the perfect fit, comfort and style you deserve.


Experiences shared

Enrico Miolo engages his audience in his storytelling sharing real life relatable experiences from overcoming adversity to running highly successful profitable businesses in many different industries.

Maximising results from incorporating life inspiring strategies and walking his talk, having a clear purpose in life to serve, is just the beginning of his captivating lessons he has to share.

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