Listen to the Story


Entrepreneurial wisdom

Enrico Miolo engages his audience in his storytelling sharing real life relatable experiences from overcoming adversity to running highly successful profitable businesses in different industries. Maximising results from incorporating life inspiring strategies and walking his talk, having a clear purpose in life to serve, is just the beginning of his captivating lessons he has to share.


How it all evolved

Early on in life Enrico understood the pressures and responsibility of being able to run a commercial kitchen by the age of 13 and became a partner in an industrial Airline commercial kitchen before turning 20.

His motto, wisdom is gained from the road less travelled. Strength and conviction intensify as tactical learning comes from accepting failures and converting them into wins.

Great energy in the room

Enrico’s enthusiastic delivery of the mechanics around business innovation and focus on customer service is captivating.

The ability to deliver relevant authentic relatable content, captivating audiences on topics from emotional intelligence around business dealings and implementing simple strategies to excel with confidence on a work and personal level.

Get empowered

Enrico illustrates with real life experiences, relatable thought-provoking activities, incorporating relevant theory, inspiring his audience on an individual level to build credibility, own your presence, embrace change and be true to oneself in work and social life.

Actionable learnings

Become inspired and implement simple strategies on personal development, emotional awareness around owning your presence by actioning small impactful changes, elevating your potential for a new found appreciation of self, ultimately defining your trade mark.

For corporate

Enrico’s insightful, well researched and motivating presentations raises awareness of aligning a company ethos, culture, productivity and boosting employee engagement. Walk away with actionable and heart-warming intrinsically rewarding inspirations driving results on an interpersonal and corporate level.

Enrico will tailor presentations to focus on challenges relevant to the audience, leaving them empowered, exhilarated and motivated. Raising emotional awareness of one's style and presence, inspiring the audience to challenge themselves, by rewiring one’s internal dialogue to encourage relevant, effective life changing decisions, untapping hidden talents and promoting a soulful purpose.


Styling Workshops

These unique to Melbourne men's styling oriented workshops, welcomes all keen to learn more about the world of menswear and dressing the modern-day gentleman.

A highly interactive, practical workshop will challenge and provoke the attendee to relook at why, what, and how they should consider dressing and enable them to capture the essence of their individuality through style.

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