Tailor made

Spend the time creating the perfect look

The Garment Trade

Destination Flinders Lane

For a large part of the twentieth century, the garment trade was an important industry in the southern Australian state of Victoria.

As clothing was a big part of the country’s manufacturing, the community of the garment trade, initially migrants or refugees post WWII, made a large contribution to Australia’s economy.

This multifaceted industry, located in Flinders Lane Melbourne, and expanding during the interwar years, had its own economic and social history, gorgeous products, vibrant life and camaraderie at its heart.

V&J Menswear endeavour to carry on the traditions that were once sought after throughout this infamous lane way.

The store’s location provides a haven from the typical retail environment that allows V&J Menswear to provide an optimum customer service experience that is synonymous with the tradition that is sartorial menswear.

Tailor made garment

Take Your Time

Our focus is to provide incredible comfort, drape and wearability making your suit or sartorial garment a perfect choice for any occasion.

With 100’s of Italian and international milled fabrics to choose from, the colour of your suit is just the start.

Enjoy the one-on one interaction and meticulous attention to detail you deserve only a modern atelier can deliver.

When getting measured for a Tailor-Made suit, it is important to consider the detailing of the kind of suit you are requiring. Under professional guidance, once you have established the style and desired fit, your measurements are recorded.


A vast variety of personal detailing may be added to your tailor made option. Enjoy a wide range of fabrics, buttons, internal colour linings, internal colour detailing, choice of Hand stitching and lapels


Enjoy styling your exquisite made to measure suit under expert advice at your convenience in a private appointment only setting.

The Difference

Differentiation, style and the perfect fit awaits your imagination, guided by experts to craft your sartorial elegant outfit for that special occasion.

Many styles are kept on hand to help you with your choice of suit.

All custom made garments take time to make so please allow for 4 – 6 weeks from measurement to final fitting, especially those made for a special event.


Tailor made shirts

Discover the art of personalisation and elegance and create your high-quality dress shirt ideal for any occasion.

Select among over 100’s of seasonal shirt fabrics to remain current with the latest sartorial offerings for the modern-day gentleman.

Within a collaborative process an expert consultant will accompany you through the entire design of a shirt that is distinctly you. Meticulous attention to detail ensures shirts are constructed to offer the perfect fit, comfort and style you deserve.

Personalise cuffs, collars, placard detailing, button and stitching colours are on offer to customise your unique dress shirt.

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