Can I pick up my suit, or should I try it on before I take it?

Yes. We highly recommend that you try on your suit prior to pick up. This gives us the opportunity to give it a once over and check it for any amendments that you may require. Also, if you need to change size to due to change in measurements, (Provided the sizes are available) we can do this for you in store.

Do I need to leave a bond for the hire suits?

Yes. We do require a credit card bond, and a signed copy of the terms and conditions of hire prior to collection of your garments. We swipe your card on a carbon copy and it remains secure on your file until all hire garments are returned between the arranged dates discussed. Once all suits are checked off and are approved to go back into hire, your details are then deleted from the system.

Do you hire our or have to purchase children’s suits?

Due to the delicate nature of our superfine Merino and Worsted wools, we do not offer kids suiting for hire or purchase.

How much time do I need to allow before arranging my Wedding suits?

Whether you decide to buy, or hire, we recommend you allow between 2-3 months prior before any booking. Due to the fact that suit hire and ready to wear suiting are subject to vary depending on the availability of sizes, and styles. Our hire suits have a certain number of sizes available, once they are booked out for a particular wedding on a particular day; they are no longer available to be released for hire. We guarantee that what you book or purchase on your first fitting, will be the suit you will wear for the day.

I have an oddly sized or larger person in the bridal party? What should I do?

We recommend that you call us and arrange a time to quickly access if we can fit him or not. Our biggest size for hire is a 120R (50”) and a 108R (44”) trouser. We do however offer an affordable Made to measure option that will allow us to make a suit to fit.

Is the whole bridal party required for the fitting?

We suggest for the initial consultation that the Bride and Groom, and the best man if available to come in and try on the outfits first. This way, you can take your time trying things on that you like. After you have chosen what the bridal parties outfit will be, we then arrange a time that is appropriate for all members to be measured.

We would like our hire suits from V & J Menswear, but some of our bridal party are not present to be measured in store?

We cater for many weddings that do not have their bridal party available to be measured. In this case, we provide you with a measuring form to give to the person(s) in question. Once these measurements are filled out correctly, we then put aside the correct sized garments. We advise at all times that whomever supplies measurements to V & J Menswear, be measured correctly, as we do not take responsibility for measurements that are incorrect. The measurements supplied will be what we use.

What if I damage the hire items whilst in my care, or return the hire items late?

If any hire garment is damaged and is not repairable, you will be charged for the repair cost for the garment. If any garments on hire cannot be repaired, you will be charged a replacement cost (not the retail price). The garments are rightly fully yours to keep. If you return a suit late, unless otherwise pre-arranged prior, you will incur a late fee of $80 for the first day, and a $40 fee for each day after that.

When should I make payment on the suits?

Once you have confirmed your selection, a non-refundable deposit of $80 per suit is then put down. The remaining balance is due upon collection of the garments. If you are purchasing your garments, a deposit of 30% is left to secure the suits or garments of your choice. Note that all garments that require alterations, need to be paid in full prior to collection.

When will I be able to pick up my suits, and what is the return policy for hire?

If your wedding falls on a weekend, our pick up times begin after 11am (Thursday) and suits are returned on the following Monday before 5pm. This is the standard procedure. However, if your wedding is interstate or overseas, then you can discuss this with one of our consultants and we will be more than happy to accommodate and arrange a return date.