Custom Shirts

Custom Shirts
Why a Custom Made Shirt?
Because a perfect fit matters.
A Custom made shirt allows you to create a shirt that fits you perfectly, every single time. Gentlemen come in all shapes and sizes, and on many occasions do not fit into a ready to wear shirt as well as they like. This process gives you the flexibility to make a shirt that you want.  After all, it is your shirt.


What’s the next step?
1. Choose your fabric
2. Create your style
3. Put in your measurements
The quality
Our shirts are individually hand made just for you. We spend time on creating a perfectly fitting shirt that is perfect to you. From the materials we use, down to the last stitch. 
Our perfect fit promise
We promise to produce a perfect fitting shirt every single time. Our aim to make sure that the shirt fits.  Not happy with your shirt? 
Not a worry, return it no questions asked. Want it made again? Of course, we will remake it for you. 
Not a problem. 
Why V&J
Because we are here to help you look your best.
A perfect fit, every time.
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