The Shawl Lapel Suit

The shawl lapel suit also known as the shawl collar or roll collar was at its most popular in the 1930's. It has made a revival today as a popular choice amongst grooms as an elegant suit appropriate for a black tie function. This style of suit is not considered work attire appropriate. Some designers today have incorporated the shawl collar into their casual style jacket range, but the representation of the shawl lapel is still upheld as what is considered the true meaning of a tuxedo. Many opt for satin on the lapel to highlight the shawl and enhance its appearance giving the suit a more elegant air. The most appropriate neck wear for the shawl lapel is the Bow Tie.  For a timeless style suit consider the shawl lapel in a one or two button single breasted fit and create that lasting impression for that special occassion.