Fashion is an opinion. There is no right or wrong way of wearing it. True fashion is respecting your own ideals of how you would like to be perceived.

A gentle man needs to be in alignment with his belief system and personality which should be reflected through his appearance. Walk with a swagger because you are comfortable wearing your threads the way you do.

Know change in your look is coming as you mature into a new self with every life experience. Fashion is more than getting ideas from a magazine and copying trends. Fashion is making it work for you and your lifestyle and budget. Wearing a label means nothing as opposed to making labels work for you. Fit, quality is everything and price tags are second.

This is how we at V and J encourage our customers/ friends to feel when they walk in and out of our store. Wear it and make it work for you. Dress to better yourself by the way you feel inside and out. Be an individual and own your look!

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