When it’s a decision to wear a tie for a formal occasion like a wedding think of how you would like to be perceived. It is a question V and J menswear, are asked consistently throughout our time dressing gentlemen.

Always consider the occasion.

Is it a wedding? Are you the groom?  Are you going for a job interview or promotion at work? Do you need to wear one for a casual meeting with existing clients?

Tie issues you should always consider. Never wear a dirty or torn tie. Avoid ties that are overly out of proportion with your body mass. A large gentlemen wearing an extra thin tie looks like shoe laces around his neck.

If you hate the tie and look don’t wear one. Be always comfortable in your own skin.  Needless to say don’t let the ego get in the way if you are adverse to wearing ties. Admit to yourself it actually looks good. Do yourself a favour and go with it you may be surprised how you may attract positive attention to yourself.

And avoid ties that take away from the outfit or confuse patterns or strobe when looking at it. Keep the look simple when in doubt.

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