The’ rules’ for dressing casual on Fridays does not mean you need to change your style if you like wearing something more elegant like a suit. Dressing well is always better than being under dressed and misrepresented especially when in front of a client. Setting the trend with a higher standard of presentation often leads to you being well received by new clients.

Casual Friday on a corporate level often brings out the worst in people‘s interpretation of what is appropriate. Going out for breakfast on a Sunday is not exactly what is worn at work. One needs to remember you always show who you are through the way you represent yourself. Being a high end corporate mover and shaker than coming in with a track suit and torn T shirt is only asking for trouble.

The way you represent yourself casually opens a can of worms to your thinking and habits of good grooming and dress. Dressing inappropriately reveals your attitude towards respect for yourself and those around you. Being over casual and sloppy can signify your attitude towards work and the ethos of the company.

What V and J considered good attire for ‘Casual Friday’s’

A dark pair of denim that has no rips, and is well fitted.

A pair of leather shoes that compliments the belt colour.

A good cotton shirt that when opens has a collar that sits straight and is not turned or wrinkled.

T-shirt’s without expletives or dirty imagery.

A t-shirt or polo top that is work attire appropriate, like a fitted crew or V neck. No sport sweat gear t-shirts.

Avoid wearing supporter gear that reveals the sport team you follow.

A trouser (or chino) that does not have excess fabric in the leg line that flaps in the wind when you walk.

A shoe should complement the particular trouser being worn. Sneakers for sport are a big no-no!

No singlets or skimpy clothing that leads anything to the imagination. Avoid offending.

Clean clothes that are pressed.

Follow some of these simple rules and enjoy your lead up to the weekend without a raised eyebrow from your boss or fellow co- workers.

A special mention to any Boss, if you are the one breaking the rules of engagement when dressing casually then don’t expect your staff to be any better and look  effective. Lead by example and dress smart.

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