Ryan delon

Where: Shangri La Borocay, Philippines

When: January 10 2014


Story: Beach wedding at one of the most amazing places in the world. Perfect weather against a brilliant sunset on the shores of boat station one, Shangri La a 6 star resort. An intimate affair with close knit family and friends and a party on the beach afterwards with all you can drink beer, wine and cocktails and lots of fine food.


Favorite moment - Besides seeing my beautiful bride walk down the stone steps to the wedding aisle - It was the lead up to the event with my best men and being chauffeured in golf carts to the lookout where I was greeted by the sight of all my family and friends gathered together and it finally dawned on me that they are all here for me and that this will never happen again. I was overwhelmed and tremendously humbled


Massive thanks to you guys - The wedding suit, the groomsman getups - Everyone looked fantastic and you guys did a wonderful job making sure that it was just right!