Are my personal details safe and secure?

V & J Menswear takes this very seriously. The details that you provide are used only for purposes necessary to offering our service and will under no circumstance be disclosed to any third party. For more details please view our Privacy Policy.

Do the fabrics shrink when they are washed?

Some of our shirts may have shrinkage up to 3% in the washing process. However we do allow for this in the manufacturing process of the shirt to ensure the fit is correct.

Do you accept all major credit cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Diners Club car  ds.

How can I purchase a shirt as a gift for a friend?

To purchase a tailored shirt for your friend, simply order the shirt online using your friend's measurements and delivery address. Alternatively, you can purchase our online gift card and they can use the personalised code in the checkout section. We do however will suggest that all measurements are followed correctly to ensure a perfect fit.

How long does it take for my shirt to be made?

Your shirt will be made and processed in 3-4 working days. It will be sent via registered Air Mail. Delivery takes up 10-14 working days depending on your country.

What if I’m not sure of my exact sizing and measurements?

V & J Menswear has made it easy with simple to follow steps. We devised a concise method for measuring yourself, and for someone to measure you, so you can order the perfect shirt. Click here and follow the steps to learn about how you can measure yourself correctly.

What if my shirt fits incorrectly?

If your shirt is not tailored to the measurements you provided, you can return the shirt to V & J Menswear. Please review our Returns Policy. Do note however, that all our shirts are tailored individually by hand, and slight variances are expected. It is the nature of the tailored service that each and every shirt is different. Please take special precaution to provide us with the correct details and measurements so we can provide you with the perfect fitting shirt.

What is the best way to care for my custom shirt?

All of our cotton shirts are machine washable. If you do decide to dry clean your shirts, over time there may be a slight variance in colour fade due to the harsh chemicals used in the dry cleaning process. This option is to your own digression. Please follow care instructions in the garment provided.

Where are your fabrics sourced?

ll our fabrics are sourced from Italy. We offer 100% cottons, easy-iron cottons, and cotton blends. These details are specified in the fabric description.

Where is my V & J Menswear shirt made?

Fabrics are sourced from Italy and shirts are manufactured in Bangkok and Vietnam. V & J Menswear tailors possess the highest level of sartorial craftsmanship with over 15 years producing tailored shirts. Each shirt is hand sewn and extreme attention to detail is given to every stitch of the shirt.