Tradition of the wedding flower button hole

The gentleman on his wedding day has conitnued the tradition of adding a flower to the lapel of a suit as the finishing touch to their gallant attire. The rose is the most common flower men use often the same colour as the wedding dress of the bride to be or a colour that represents the theme used throught the ceremony.  The tradition of a gentleman wearing a flower on the wedding day has been going on for centuries. A popluar and romanitc story may be credited to Prince Albert when he wed Queen Victoria in 1840 for the inspiration of encouraging future grooms to wear a button hole on the lapel of a gentlemans jacket. Without a button hole in his lapel the Prince cut a slit in his jacket and used a flower from the Queens bouquet to make himself look more formal.  By the 19th Century the fashionable American gentlemen adopted the custom of wearing a flower encouraging many future grooms to follow suit adding that final elegant touch.