Cuff links an elegant history

The cuff link accessory is steeped with history and its origins of elegance is still considered when you are to dress up your wedding or business shirt . Once deemed only affordable for royalty and the wealthy it was one of the ultimate status symbols. As the British industrial revolution adopted...

The rise of men's accessories

A plain square of cloth flags a quiet revolution in men's fashion in Australia.It's not about the clothes any more – it's about the pocket square slipped into the jacket, the coloured socks or tie, the bag slung over the shoulder to cart the laptop....  We we're...

Italian Wheels at V and J.

In our life journey as we pound the pavement there is nothing more satisfying than wearing a quality shoe that offers support and comfort with style. When choosing a shoe often we compromise comfort and durability over the style and price. Achieving the ultimate purchase that provides great wearing...

Wedding Season and a time for Fun!

September is upon us and as Spring is in the air so are the Weddings at V and J. Take example out of Rebecca and Alistair's Wedding. They understood with all the preparation and emotional investment involved in organizing a wedding the most important part of the day is know how to let your...

Sweet Fathers Day

For all fathers enjoy a sweet and memorable day with the family. Four words all fathers love to hear..I LOVE YOU DAD. Today I was blessed by hearing those words closest to me and if you are fortunate to have your father close make it count and share the love. At V and J we celebrate Dad every day...